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San Diego, United States

Nomad Backpack

190 USD 95 USD
Maximum Comfort and Ergonomics.
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2 o más 64.50 EUR/unidad
3 o más 59.67 EUR/unidad
Charging port via integrated USB.
PATENTED water-resistant material.
Lock for safe closure.
Balanced weight for comfor.

The Perfect Backpack Exists and It Has Just Reached to the Spain.

Ever since the start of its expansion, the Nomad backpack has become the latest craze in every country where it lands, and it recently did the same in Bulgaria.

But, what’s so special about the Nomad backpack?

In addition to its attractive, simple and futuristic design, it also offers exclusive features that allow it stand out from its competition.

The anti-theft design prevents the internal compartments from being opened. This feature prevents another person from opening it on the street, as it is impossible to open unless they actually take off your backpack.

Maximum Comfort and Ergonomics

The Nomad backpack was built with the health of our back in mind. It perfectly distributes the weight, utilizing breathable materials on the back and providing everything we need for day-to-day comfort.

Its compartments guarantee the safety of the backpack’s contents and also allow you to easily organize all of your accessories. To access all of the backpack’s contents, Nomad incorporates a 90º opening so that you can comfortably reach all of its compartments. In addition, the outer material is cut-proof.


  1. Patented material – Waterproof, fireproof and knife proof!
  2. Includes a USB charging port – The Nomad Backpack is designed for those of us who go everywhere with our tablet, smartphone, laptop…
  3. Endless pockets – Well-protected interior compartments including one for our laptop, outside pockets and even hidden compartments…
  4. An extremely useful and comforting appearance – Perfect for those who frequent crowded places such as shopping malls, the subway platform…

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